Magnetometer data from the STEREO/IMPACT/MAG instruments are made available by UCLA (Lead: C. T. Russell).
Electron data from the STEREO/IMPACT/SWEA instruments are made available by CESR (Lead: J.-A. Sauvaud).
All STEREO IMPACT (PI: J. G. Luhmann) data and information may be found at

Solar wind proton data from the STEREO/PLASTIC instruments are made available by UNH (PI: A. B. Galvin).
All STEREO PLASTIC data and information may be found at

We strongly recommend contacting/working directly with the instrument leads regarding data interpretation and publication in order to be informed of the latest nuances and accuracy updates of the dataset.

For SWEA electron measurements, calibrations have been done and permit data usage for most scientific purposes. The usual long-term degradation of the detectors has, however, not yet been accounted for. Thus the SWEA data should not be used/interpreted in terms of absolute value.

It is also noted that, since commissioning, the SWEA instruments on both STEREO spacecraft have registered difficulty to characterize the solar wind at core electron energies. The nature of the degradations is such that electron measurements below 45 eV cannot be used. Data products used in AMDA have these lower energies removed. However, halo and higher energy electrons are unaffected.