Data archive in CNES

CDPP relies on CNES infrastructures, services and tools to ensure the long-time preservation of CDPP data and the distribution of those data to final users, including related information.


CDPP data are archived in STAF which is the CNES long term storage facility, managed by CNES Data Center. This service ensures the organized storage of data, the preservation of data and the management of physical media, privacy and integrity of data, restitution of data.

CDPP uses the SIPAD tool to provide easy access to those archived data through a web-interface. SIPAD is a generic software developed by CNES for preservation, archiving and access to data. SIPAD gives access to CDDP data files, quicklooks and documents related to data.

To search for data, users can browse the data catalog, look through quicklooks or use search criteria. Most of the available data are public as well as documents and quicklooks. Only a valid email address is needed to order public data while complete registration and agreement of CDPP team is needed to order private data.


CDPP Data Archive

Screenshot of SIPAD-CDDP


STAF tape library