Jupiter tools

The following developments were funded by CNES in 2011-2012 and developed for the CEPAGE (ChargEd Particle Analyzers for Galilean Environments) consortium led by Nicolas André at IRAP.

A database with all existing magnetospheric-related Jovian and Galilean moon data (magnetic field, plasma, energetic particles, waves) has been built in the local CDPP/AMDA database. This database is directly connected in an interoperable way to HST observations of giant planet auroral emissions and the Aladin tool, based on the SAMP protocol.

The JUICE mission trajectory and ephemerids have been added to 3DView/CDPP, a tool for scientists that offers immediate 3D visualization of position and orientation of spacecraft (including Voyager, Ulysses, Galileo, Juno), planetary ephemerids, as well as scientific data representation. The figures below illustrates for example visualization of Galileo data during a Europa flyby, as well as JUICE trajectories for all mission phases and for Ganymede only orbital phases.This tool can be particularly useful to the instrument teams to visualize JUICE mission phases as well as prepare science mode operation plans.

These tools can be used both for operation planning and science analysis to the potential benefit of the JUICE teams and the broader science community.